Tuesday, January 08, 2008

What a difference a week makes. After days of rain and mild temperatures all our pretty snow is gone and everything is brown and grey.

Sea urchin? No, just some grass poking up through a puddle.
Those oaks sure are stubborn about hanging onto their leaves.

Anyone lose their specs?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Oops, pretend I posted this yesterday. Here's the list of birds I saw in the Beechwood area during 2007:
  • black-crowned night heron

  • double-crested cormorant

  • cardinal

  • seagull

  • Canada goose (and a Canada/domestic goose hybrid)

  • mallard duck

  • red-winged blackbird

  • goldfinch

  • black-throated blue warbler

  • robin

  • black-capped chickadee

  • belted kingfisher

  • downy woodpecker

  • hairy woodpecker

  • song sparrow

  • house sparrow

  • red-tailed hawk

  • mourning dove

  • blue jay

  • American redstart

  • common yellowthroat warbler

  • tree swallow

  • mockingbird

  • catbird

  • brown-headed cowbird

  • great egret

  • cedar waxwing

  • bittern (seen by Don Watcher)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year and welcome to any faithful readers who are checking in after my long hiatus. I'm back with a wintry report from Beechwood Wetland.

We had a heavy, wet snowfall yesterday that turned everything white. Do not adjust your set: the world really was as monochromatic as these pictures. When the snow stopped I seized my camera and hurried down to the valley.
Things are pretty quiet around the ol' wetland:
Here's the pond:

As I fully expected, I ran into Don Watcher and Cup Plant:

Don Valley stewards: we never sleep.

See the mockingbird?

Let's get a bit closer:

Ah, there it is! I also saw a kingfisher, a gull or two, and the usual clusters of mallards. That reminds me, I haven't yet published my bird list from 2007. Tune in tomorrow!