Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Last night we continued our work on tansy, knotweed and Queen Anne's lace, and tied bright orange "flags" to some offending invasives that will have to be sprayed or painted with evil chemicals by a city crew. The site is very festive now with all the splashes of orange; I'm thinking of doing it in red and green for Christmas.

Here's some glossy buckthorn that met its fate a couple of weeks ago -- not so glossy now, are you? Doesn't Glossy Buckthorn sound like a character in a Harry Potter book?

The goldenrod is blooming, creating a sea of yellow:

I happened to photograph these elegant Japanese knotweed flowers shortly before the grove was cut down:

The water level in the pond is quite low now, leaving lots of mud around the edges for tracks. Deer, I think:

Muskrat ... I think ...

(Feel free to leave a comment with corrections if you're more certain than I about these hoof/pawprints.)

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Donwatcher said...

Could be a raccoon. Raccoons often forage for food in shallow ponds looking for crayfish.