Thursday, October 05, 2006

Seeing red:

The brave maple leaf viburnum carries on. I suppose "skeletonized" is a good look for Halloween.

There's a nice cluster of young oak trees turning red. (Does that make them red oaks?)

Big as my hand!

Even this goldenrod gall has turned a nice autumnal colour.


MexBean said...

Hmmm just as skeletons, though not of the leaf variety, are popping up all over the place here in Mex. It's getting close to Day of the Dead and you can buy sugar and chocolate skulls everyhwere (not be eaten 'til after the day) as well as calaveras of all sorts. I just bought one made of clay that was then painted silver.

Your photos look so professinal, I wish mine could look like that.

Kati said...

Sigh. Your photographs take me there, exactly to what I feel when I'm out there myself, in wonder at the abundant beauty of the natural world! I did not start seeing snakes until the nights got quite chilly and I'm curiously trying to tease back a memory of information regarding snakes travelling back to where they were born to hibernate...where did I read that, or did I make it up?