Saturday, July 07, 2007

My main stewardship activity this morning was cleaning up the remains of another party. Beechwood is a hopping place on a Friday or Saturday night, it seems. As I muttered my way through the cigarette butts, shredded Styrofoam cups and plastic bags, I was startled to come across evidence of some kind of weird bird sacrifice:

I managed to revive the poor creature. I propose a mascot for our site:

If this doesn't keep intruders away, I don't know what will. Say, do I get to add "eagle" to my Beechwood bird list?

Last week the team planted some stuff like this in the pond:

I wasn't there that night, but I'm guessing sweet white clover was the target du jour:

Baby bunny:

(Watch out for the eagle, kiddo.)


Nathan said...

I like your website. Nathan in Santa Rosa, California./

Marnie said...

Hi Nathan, thanks for stopping by!