Friday, June 13, 2008

A lovely feather.

I was complaining the other night that I hadn't seen a rabbit yet this year. Naturally, I saw one on my way home, and now they're everywhere I look. No sign of a muskrat at the pond yet, but there are ducks and frogs, and the blue flags are always worth a look:
Tonight I made a start on a giant patch of garlic mustard near the north end of the site. Wow, there's my summer's work cut out for me right there. It certainly likes that location! Some of the plants are more like shrubs. At least they're easy to pull when they're that size, and you quickly have a good pile to show for your efforts.
For a while I couldn't figure out what all the rustling was nearby as I worked. Then a tiny baby bunny appeared (sorry, much too small and cute to be called a rabbit), and then another and another until there was a whole flock of them bouncing around. They were very small and not too skilled at jumping yet, but they dashed back and forth and hid under burdock leaves while I tried not to think about hawks, foxes and snapping turtles. Eventually Mama Rabbit showed herself. It's nice when the birds and animals get used to you and just go about their business while you work. I sang Tools Was a Baby Rabbit for them. Everybody likes John Denver.


eepy said...

Wot! No bunny pix?

Marnie said...

Hi eepy! No, I was hard at work and my camera was back at the equipment box. But check the next post for a (terrible) wildlife shot.

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