Friday, July 18, 2008

Check out the pretty spider on a milkweed plant in my garden. Any spider experts reading? Is it a crab spider? I'm guessing yes. I thought the body was too rounded, but it could be swollen with eggs. This may be a female staking out a spot for her egg sac. There was also a dead (or paralyzed?) moth on the leaf below this one, no doubt for the spider's dinner.
Burning Silo always has useful information and wonderful pictures. You can read more about crab spiders here. I'll keep an eye on this one (still in the same position half a day later) and we'll see what develops.


Anonymous said...

Hello. Did you find out what this spider is as I found one in my garden today and it looks very strange! Sherri x

Anonymous said...

hi, i found one on my daughter's bedroom wall this morning and i'd love to know what it is.


debbie x

Marnie said...

Sorry guys, I really don't know. If you find out please come back and fill us in!