Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey, look, I have a blog! Sorry to have abandoned you for so long. I didn't even follow through on my promise of a guest blogger. Welcome to my new blog followers. I'll try to update regularly this year.

Spring is in the air (and I heard a red-winged blackbird, so it's official) and I took a walk down to Beechwood wetland today to see how things look.

It was a very windy day:

The beavers have been very busy destroying big trees along the river. Holy cow.

Then I got to the Beechwood pond. Oh no ....

Everybody loves beavers until they start killing off your favourite trees.

Some of these little brownish balls were left by rabbits, some ... not so much:

There's still ice on the pond, but not for much longer:

More beaver work:

A few spots of colour in the drab early spring landscape:

Driftwood along the river:

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