Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Year of the Tiger!

(Rare guest appearance by Jaffa.)

Happy Valentine's Day as well. In honour of the holidays I thought I'd do a photography challenge. I was afraid hearts and cupids would be a bit thin on the ground around Beechwood so I decided to search for evidence of tigers.

Not many people have seen the elusive Don Valley tigers, but it's simply a matter of recognizing the subtle signs they leave behind. You may find a bit of tiger fur caught in a tree:

Sometimes you'll see the markings tigers leave around their territory:

I wonder what mysterious messages they're sending to other tigers?

Giant tiger paw-prints are a good indication you're looking in the right place:

A good tracker would immediately spot these tiger droppings on the ground:

Here we see the remains of the fierce predator's meal:

Finally, we are rewarded with a glimpse of those striking orange stripes!

Inching ever closer, we find the tiger cleverly concealed in the undergrowth, barely visible to the human eye:

Don't get too close! Danger!

Tigers. They're everywhere.


Boud said...

This is just wonderful! thank you, and thank Jaffa for making a star appearance on behalf of tigers everywhere!


Anonymous said...

Lovely, lovely, lovely.

Ionatan Waisgluss said...

I love your blog!

Your photography is great, and I really appreciate what you do!

My next hike is definitely going to be around the Beechwood Wetland. I've never been there!

Thanks for posting such interesting stuff, with equal parts information and humour!


Marnie said...

Thanks very much! As far as hiking around Beechwood, I think you'll find the wetland itself quite a bit smaller than you may imagine. It should take you about one minute to walk the length of it. The general area is good for exploring, though. Enjoy!

Ionatan Waisgluss said...

Well, as an amateur botanist,
my hikes are rather slow-paced.

I stop and smell the flowers, so to speak... and identify them... and photograph them... ;P