Tuesday, March 16, 2010

People I talk to insist we'll get more snow before we're done this (non-)winter, but they're just being grumpy. I saw a robin and some redwinged blackbirds today and that's all the proof I need that we've turned the corner. There's just a thin skin of ice left on the pond:

Things are beginning to look alive again ...

... including garlic mustard. I don't know how it dares show its face here after all the hard work that's been done to eradicate it, but there you go:

I think this must have been a very neat rabbit:

As for this, wow. I don't even want to know:

Finally, Don Watcher posted a picture of an "inukshuk" so I thought I'd counter with the Beechwood version:

Happy spring, and stay tuned for a new season of Beechwood reports, beginning soon!


rudy said...

of course there's going to be one more snowfall... there is every year at this time, i.e. right after people come out and say that winter's over

looking forward to more of your wonderful beechwood photos


Marnie said...

Thanks! Happy to do my part by being one of those people. :)