Friday, April 02, 2010

The weather has turned freakishly warm again and everyone has hurried outside to take advantage of the sunshine and the holiday weekend. It seemed like as Good a Friday as any to launch the guerrilla stewardship season at Beechwood, so I brought in my little container of necessaries to leave in the equipment box. Now I'm well supplied with work gloves, trowels, buckets, garbage bags, sunscreen, and a few First Aid items. I need a new can of bug spray, but I should be all right for now.

I was hoping for some really interesting stuff lurking inside the box when I opened it for the first time, but there were only a couple of these flat grey spiders:

After I stowed my gear I spent some time picking up bottles, cans and garbage. I startled a rabbit (who didn't seem to be carrying colourful eggs) and came across some coltsfoot getting started:

Fungus is always intriguing:

There are cardinals everywhere, not that I'm complaining:

Arriving home again I found a reward waiting, courtesy of a friend:

Happy hot cross buns! Happy Easter!

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Boud said...

Happy Easter, Marnie, and I'm glad the official season's open again in the wetland world.