Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm back! There were no wood ducks on the river as I walked to Beechwood, so I was expecting them at the pond. Sure enough, there they were:

What really captured my attention, though, was this:

Uh, what? Someone removed a bunch of logs from the fence and threw them into the pond??? Sigh. I tried to think of an explanation -- beaver Olympics? Rob Ford's latest environmental policy? -- but I'm baffled.

After pulling a few buckets of garlic mustard I wandered around and took some pictures. Even these guys looked pretty:

I found a little cache of bones at the base of a tree. Squirrel, I think.

Is this the new thing? Instead of shoes thrown over the wires?

I kinda like it.


Anonymous said...

I saw that at Pottery Road too. Looks like characters from Pac Man.

arrie NL said...

The first picture of the two flowers that don't bloom anymore ... beautiful. I downloaded it to paint it in the coming months. Looking forward to that.
Found this through your comments on EG24.
Greetings, Arrie, The Netherlands.