Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I went down tonight and took a few pictures. Here's a newly planted speckled alder:

Yes, it's a sad, dry little stick, but give it time.

I couldn't help but notice the drifts of fluffy seeds lining the side of the path. Snow in June! I don't know what this fluff is from, but I bet the birds like it for lining nests.

The blue flags are looking very pretty by the pond. I spotted the muskrat towing a long reed or branch. A black-crowned night heron flew by as I was leaving, but I couldn't get him to pose for a picture. Before I reached Pottery Road I also saw cowbirds, a few orioles, and what I'm pretty sure is an oriole nest. I couldn't zoom in any tighter, and I'm not much for climbing trees, so this is the best shot I could get:

At the side of the path I spotted a pellet from an owl or a hawk. I think. Maybe it's just dog poop and I'm an idiot, but that looks like fur in there. Why didn't I take it home with me and dissect it??? If I find it again I'll do that and report back.

Here's a page that explains owl pellets for anyone not familiar with the concept. (This cracks me up: "When an Owl is about to produce a pellet, it will take on a pained expression.") Hawk pellets apparently contain fewer bones, so if I can dissect this thing I might get a clue about the source.

Tune in next week for more exciting adventures!

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eepy said...

Looks like cottonwood fluff to me. Achoo~!