Monday, June 12, 2006

Our group met tonight for the first time. After a little tour of the site, John (site leader), Jenny (program co-ordinator) and a half dozen assorted volunteers got busy planting some speckled alder, black walnut and oak trees. Planting is not my best subject, but I got some stuff in the ground. I think I’ll really shine when it comes to digging things up. (This may explain the state of my garden.) I didn’t take any pictures while we were planting, but I’ll try to get back there this week and get some shots of the trees in situ.

The catch of the day was seen on the path before I reached the site:

This is a snapping turtle, which sat there looking prehistoric for a while before raising itself up and continuing to the other side. It was a fine beginning to the evening. I didn’t spot anything else exotic, but John identified some plants I’d been wondering about. I’m really looking forward to putting names to more of the plants and trees I see. This is a purple-flowering raspberry:

Here’s the purple flowering part. Isn’t that pretty?

A spectator came to have a look, introducing himself as an educator who works at the Science Centre. He commutes on the bike path and has enjoyed watching the improvements, so he stopped to say hello and learn more about what happens there.

The weather was perfect, sunny but not too warm or humid, and the mosquitoes weren’t bothering me. I seem to have a few ant bites, but I’ll probably survive. This was the scene when we were finished:

Norah and I walked back to Pottery Road and saw a couple of juvenile herons along the way. (That's our best guess and we're sticking to it.) The final wildlife sighting came as we reached the top of the hill: a big gang of bikers hanging out at -- the Dairy Queen!


Airwin said...

Great blog Marnie. Keep up the good work.

Donwatcher said...

Hi Marnie,

I checked with a couple of people about Giant Hogweed and confirmed that it is unlikely that this species is in the Don. So it's probably Cow Parsnip.

Marnie said...

That's good. Thanks for finding out about it.