Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Japanese knotweed is just too darned attractive. I wonder if it thinks it will be allowed to stay if it's pretty enough? Here are some more JK special effects:

This one's working on its oak-leaf impersonation:

One more thing troubles me -- I think the muskrat may have a drinking problem:


steve said...

The odd looking knotweed leaves could well be due to the spraying of the plants for the past couple years, often they will regrow with a bit of deformity. That's not to say that the herbicide is residual and that these are new plants that are growing like this, its more likely that these weird ones just were not completely eliminated last year.

Marnie said...

Thanks for that, Steve. That was the only theory I could come up with too -- the spraying must be involved somehow.

Will the spraying eventually be successful? I'm assuming it works at least sometimes, or the city wouldn't bother, right?