Monday, September 11, 2006

There was no scheduled outing this evening, but a couple of rogue stewards were seen stealing onto the site nevertheless. Here are a few before-and-after shots to indicate some of the work performed. (Note to local vandals: Dude. You have a whole city to deface up there. Stay outta my wetland restoration project.)

Clean, and with a pleasant lemon scent!


Donwatcher said...

Thanks for taking care of things Marnie. What cleaning product did you use?

Marnie said...

We used no-name "Household Cream Cleanser" and pond water, with good results.

I looked for the spider web again tonight but it seems to be gone. It was a bit farther down towards Pottery Road, not right on the site. Too bad -- I was hoping for more pictures.

Kati said...

Did you see the item in the news about some other Canadian city thinking of making it illegal to sell aerosol paint to underaged kids? A foolish idea in my opinion. But I'm sure if I could, through some wave of a magic wand say to all "graphic artists", you can paint here and not there...well, that would be "same old, same old; they would feel, and rightly so, that I would be just like everyone else in their lives, others telling them what to do and not do! Maybe that's the problem, they have no sense of ownership and power over their own lives, which would give them a sense of responsibility. I know I am speaking as a bleeding heart liberal. Sigh.