Monday, May 25, 2009

One good thing about removing invasive plants is that you spend a lot of time down at ground level, where you're apt to see really interesting stuff. Look at the moth I found this morning!

There's a tree down a bit north of Pottery Road, reaching about 2/3 of the way across the river. I'm not sure we can blame our friendly neighbourhood beaver for this one:

This former goldenrod housed the larva of an insect; it was probably removed and eaten by a bird. Now it makes a nice house for the fairies:

There are some pretty spring wildflowers at Beechwood. Here's a little wild geranium:

And these are Canada anemones:


Liane said...

All those gorgeous native wildflowers are thanks to your industrious and dedicated invasive plant removal.

Marnie said...

Well, I happen to know the Canada anemone patch predated my stewardship efforts, and perhaps the wild geranium did too, but in general, let's go with your theory!