Monday, May 11, 2009

Well, so much for those regular updates. I was working hard at garlic mustard removal until a minor foot injury curtailed my walks and kept me close to home for a while.

I headed down there this morning to resume battle with the garlic mustard. Earlier in the spring I was feeling quite optimistic about it, but now that it's bolted and the white flowers announce its location, I can see there's still quite a bit to do. I've been focusing on the area around the equipment box, under the big oak and back toward the pond where there's quite a large patch.

It's not all bad news, though. There wasn't much GM to be found on Marnie's Point. Obviously someone has done a fantastic job there over the last couple of years.

Here's a bit of GM I removed a while ago. I have more recent pictures but they're in a new camera I'm field-testing and I haven't got around to figuring out how to get them to my computer yet. Stay tuned for more Beechwood news and pics in the days to come.

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