Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I was crouched by the pond today, musing that I had yet to see a turtle in it, when something drifted into view:

Oh! I was thrilled! I was -- wait ... it's ... dead? I watched it hang in the water for a long time without moving as I wondered whether our pond is actually as healthy as I'd hoped. Finally the little turtle stretched out its wee legs and lazily turned over.

Whew! I found a second one nearby doing the same kind of thing. I'm guessing this is a form of camouflage: maybe if it looks enough like a floating leaf, it can escape being eaten. The great blue heron was also at the pond, hoping for a tasty turtle snack. I could only find two baby turtles, but I'm assuming there were many more to begin with and some have fallen victim to herons and other dangers.

This one put on a mad burst of speed:


Anonymous said...

Marnie - I absolutely love your blog. I visit every day at work during lunch. It will be a sorry day for me when you finish your Beechwood visits for the winter.

Marnie said...

Thank you! I expect there will be some winter visits too, although not so much work getting done.

Boud said...

I loved the turtles, especially the speed racer. And I check in here a lot just in case you've got an entry. Love your observations and musings.

Boud (Liz)

Marnie said...

Thanks, Liz!

Anonymous said...

Count me in as a fan. After a hectic, hectic day, I can always count on making a "rest stop" at your blog to see good visuals and read your thoughts about the natural beauty of your surroundings.

Thanks for sharing.

Marnie said...

Thank you!