Saturday, January 23, 2010

InsideToronto has an article about foxes in the city. I have yet to see a fox, but I've heard reports from others who have.

(Apparently "fox" is an acceptable plural for "fox," as used in the article, but I disapprove. And now that I've stared at the word "fox" for a while, it looks meaningless.)


Rosemary said...

That is so weird (using "fox" as the plural of "fox"). I think I last saw a fox in Toronto about 15 years ago (technically it was in North York). They are such dear animals and it was nice to see the writer promoting a fox-positive attitude.

Boud said...

Fox populi, you might say....we have foxes all over around here, often seen in parking lots where there are supermarkets, which makes me wonder if they're hunting in the dumpsters.

We have a lot of small woodlands, too, not far off, where they can also live in peace. Not unusual to even see fox kits, very exciting the time we saw twins.


Steve S said...

Foxes are returning to being fairly common in the city after being very rare for about 10 years. I think they were suffering from mange and coyote predation. The rabbits increased while they were low.

Marnie said...

Maybe this will be my year to see some. Watch out, rabbits!