Friday, May 11, 2007

Gratuitous shot of crabapple blossoms not found on the Beechwood site. You can never have too much pink and green.

The garlic mustard is in flower too. Must ... work ... faster ...
(Actually it makes it easier to spot the plants that are hiding among the good stuff.)
I saw my first oriole of the season yesterday and a few more today, along with a redstart. I'd better keep a running list of birds and report back in the fall.
Thank you to Ontario Wanderer for identifying something I posted recently: "Just for the record, your 'tree thingies' are the male (pollen or staminate) flowers of the Manitoba Maple also known as Box-elder and Ashleaf Maple (Acer negundo). At least that is what it looks like to me from your photo."
Ontario Wanderer has just taken part in the Blogger Bio Blitz. I've been reading along with a couple of bloggers who attempted to list all the plants, animals, insects, etc. they could find in a small area. I admire their dedication! I'm happy to know the common names of the most obvious stuff I see, and I'm even happier if someone else will do the ID work for me. Thanks, OW!


Ontario Wanderer said...

My bio blitz got stalled before I could list all of the scientific names but we are still trying to add species to the list as we have time. I would really like to continue but gardening, grass cutting, and heat are getting to me. And now, we too have garlic mustard starting to grow on our property. Sigh. So much to do, so little time. Good luck with the garlic mustard in your area!

Marnie said...

Thanks, and good luck to you too with the GM. I came home one day after a session of digging at the wetland to find a couple of GM plants in my own garden, sigh. It's certainly a successful plant.