Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I see the cow vetch is off to a good start along the bike path. Hey! An invasive plant that we don't have on our site?! Can it be possible?

I saw "my" raccoon again this morning. The tail looks better, but it's favouring the right front paw. Despite this, it seems to be getting around just fine. I watched it climb all over the big oak tree. It gave me a good looking over but didn't make any advances this time. It did communicate a message, though:

I tugged on a stubborn garlic mustard root this morning and came up with this. I'm guessing it's a raccoon jawbone.

My enjoyment at watching this little chipmunk ...

... was spoiled by seeing a dead one on the path a moment later. It seemed quite newly dead, and whole; I didn't notice it on the way in, and I didn't see any vehicles go by while I was at the site, so I'm wondering if a bike hit the little guy. Chipmunks do tend to zip across the road in front of people. I nudged it into the grass with a little apology. My walks in this area have become a litany of the bodies I've found: there's the dead raccoon ... there's where the dead snake was ... there's the dead thing-that-might-be-a-dog ... there's where the chipmunk died ... Such is life.

And a bit more life: here are some wild grapes developing.

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