Friday, May 04, 2007

It's a lovely day for digging up invasive plants. I was joined by a common yellowthroat warbler and some tree swallows. Sorry, no pictures of those -- the problem with actually working is that my camera isn't handy.

The garlic mustard is bolting. Sadly, this means it's sending up a flower stalk, not running away.

Here's what the roots look like:

An intriguing little hole in the ground. Anybody home?

What's the story with this goose, does anyone know? The first glance at my field guide made me think it was a barnacle goose, an unusual stray from Europe, but no, it doesn't have the black chest. Is it a hybrid?

I found an old oriole nest on the ground:

If you peer inside you can see the empty eggshell:

1 comment:

Bean said...

Wonderful photos as always!
Great to see you back in action.
Go garlic mustard warrior-woman!