Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Oh good, reinforcements have arrived! It looks as if more garlic mustard met its match last week. The green box is full too. (Edit: it seems John, Lise, Charity and Bruce were the workers responsible. Come on out this Thursday night for another round if you can. Alas, I work Thursday nights and can't join you.)

I got to do a little outreach yesterday. I often wonder what people are thinking as they walk or cycle past and see me grubbing in the dirt. ("What on earth is that crazy woman trying to do, weed the entire valley?") Hardly anyone stops to ask, but yesterday a cyclist came over to find out what I was doing and we had a chat about the stewardship program. I even got in a plug for my blog, so hello to you, visitor, if you found your way here. We'd love to have you bring the kids out some time to see what's going on.

Reminder: meeting tomorrow night, 7 o'clock at Riverdale Farm. This will be the official stewardship kick-off for 2007. (I figure the season really started yesterday, when I got my first ant bite.)

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