Friday, July 24, 2009

After yesterday's healthy rainfall the Don is running fast and muddy:

It was wet going but I was glad I'd slogged over to the pond, because the muskrats were out enjoying a break in the weather:

Prepare to say, "Awww ..."

And again ...


Anonymous moth:

Purple coneflower by the pond:

Now for a few updates: an anonymous commenter has identified that pretty little bright pink flower as a Deptford Pink, and thinks the hummingbird moth is actually a bee fly. (There are just too many nouns in there for my poor head to sort out.) Don Watcher says my busy beetles are Soldier Beetles and the bee-thing is a wasp or a hornet.

Many thanks to all who suggest IDs here. From now on I'm not even going to attempt to identify anything. I'm just going to say, "Look! Pretty!"

Finally, I'd like to welcome my new blog followers. I can't tell who you are because the Blogger widget is broken and isn't showing me my Followers list. (I checked their Help forum and others are having the same problem -- may have to do with IE 8. So annoying.) Whoever you are, thanks for reading!

(Edit: the Followers list is back! Welcome et bienvenue a tous!)


Donwatcher said...

Now if you can only teach the muskrats to eat the phragmites, you'd be laughing!

Marnie said...

I'll suggest it to them and see what they think. If not that, maybe they'd agree to eating loosestrife at least.

Donwatcher said...

Purple, not fringed :)