Monday, July 27, 2009

I'm posting a ridiculous number of pictures today, so you might want to get yourself a snack or something to drink before you go any further.

The river was surprisingly calm today after a few days of heavy rain. Some of the local residents took the opportunity to get the family out on the water:

There was evidence of high water over the last few days. Here's the view yesterday from the Pottery Road bridge, looking down at the Don River and its waterlogged bank:

More soggy vegetation:

See all the debris caught behind this dead tree? That wasn't there before the heavy rains:

My cup plant runneth over:

I've seen a lot of things along the bike path, but this is a new one:

Someone just left their little pail of yellow plums. Why? Then the rains came and a snail moved in. There's a story here somewhere.

There's no shortage of fruit around here. On the Todmorden property you can find mulberries ...

(Don't eat that one -- it's not ripe yet. Wait until they're deep purple.)

... pears ...

... and a variety of apples:

(Are those crabapples? What are those? They're so big!)

I'm wracking my brain to think of a nursery rhyme or fairy tale about the three little snails who went out on a limb:

Empty nest syndrome:

At Beechwood I declared war on Queen Anne's Lace, and uprooted a good quantity.

The jewel in the crown:

Afterwards I wandered along the bike path and couldn't help noticing how much bugs like the stuff:

(Do those stripes look pink to you?!)

Oh for heaven's sake, you guys, get a room:


There were some of those lovely beetles I saw on the path last week:

Whenever the camera got too close this guy would raise a leg menacingly. Talk to the hand! If I was really pushing my luck he'd raise two legs. Eek, run awayyyy!

Earwig lurking:

Meanwhile, over at the murky pond, there were frogs on lily pads:

Ah, I never get tired of the classics. But wait, what the heck is that?!?

I didn't see it at the time because I was holding my camera blindly out over the pond, trying not to scare the froggy away. Here's a closer look at the thing:

What is that?


Rosemary said...

It looks like it might be a snake.

Marnie said...

It does, doesn't it? If so, it must have been hanging out there for a bit, since I have pictures from different angles that show the same thing. Just resting its little chin, waiting for that frog to blink ...

If it's a snake, though, I only see one thing that looks like an eye. Maybe the other is hidden under that bit of duckweed worn so rakishly at the side of its head.

Liane said...

I believe it's a cluster of water beetle eggs. It looks just like the way beetle eggs look under leaves, lots of sticky hexagonal eggs stacked against each other.

And that lovely beetle with its legs up is a Japanese Beetle Marnie! Veryveryvery bad. You must not get cold enough weather anymore in the winters to freeze the sod deep enough to kill overwintering larvae. Bad. They are bad. Did I say, they are bad?

Marnie said...

You're right, definitely a Japanese beetle. Thanks for the ID! Further reportage in an upcoming post.

About the water beetle eggs, though, I dunno. What's that big silvery bulge under the brown layer?