Monday, July 20, 2009

I think I've entered my summer dormant period: pictures are being taken but not much work is getting done here at Beechwood. There are too many distractions in the form of insects and flowers.

Hoverflies are not bees. Some hoverfly larvae eat aphids. Yeah!

This one is a bee. See how it has four wings rather than two? No, I don't either. Maybe it's something else entirely.

I'm not sure of the common name for these bugs, but I believe the Latin term is in flagrante delicto:

Never mind all those confusing insects, let's just admire a Black-eyed Susan:

Here's a ripe purple-flowering raspberry, moments before it was eaten by the photographer. I can confirm what all the sources say: they're edible but not really worth your while. Pretty but insipid. Shallow, too: that red berry looks big but it's just a thin layer over a big core.

This cutie-pie was catching bugs on the pond the other day. After some research and consultation I'm going to say it's an Eastern Wood-Pewee -- a new one for me! Or maybe it's a Least Flycatcher. See why I don't get any work done?

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Donwatcher said...

Pic #3 is some kind of wasp or hornet.

Pic #4 is a soldier beetle. For some reason they like to hang out on Queen Anne's Lace.