Thursday, July 16, 2009

Lots of pictures to get to today. Above and below you see some blue vervain in a field of Blackeyed Susans. Some days it's hard to get any work done because I have to stop and marvel at everything.

A few updates: the keys were still on that rock a few days after I first saw them, so I've hung them on a utility pole with a bit of red ribbon. I think I need a bigger ribbon or something to draw attention to them, in case the owner comes by again.

One of my comrades in guerrilla stewardship, perhaps galvanized by my threat of an SOS pad, has cleverly removed the silver paint from the signs with a product called Goo Gone Painter's Pal. Excellent work!

Alas, the yahoos have added new black-markered tags to the signs. I'll keep scrubbing with Vim and vigour.

I've been finding a lot of these white-and-brown downy feathers around the pond for the last couple of days, along with a longer wing feather. I fear there may have been an unfortunate duck incident.

The frogs are certainly flourishing in the pond:

I don't often spot them out of the water, but the minute I start to walk beside the pond there's a flurry of little plops as they leap to safety. Then they stare at me, and I chat to them.

I found this little stash beside the pond. For a moment I thought I'd discovered some wee eggs, but no, they're berries:

This seems a bit excessive:

This butterfly is a Little Wood-Satyr:

I photographed one a couple of years ago too, but didn't know its name at the time:

This little hot-pink beauty is growing beside the path on the way to Beechwood ...

... and this beautiful thing was right on the path:

Mulberry trees are dropping their fruit on sidewalks all over town. This public service announcement was fastened below a tree on Pottery Road:

(A few items, "cheep" and "organic," have been added since I took that photo. If you have more suggestions, get over there and add them. Take a pen.)


Kelley Ray said...

gorgeous nature shots...enjoying your adventures

Marnie said...

Thank you!