Monday, July 13, 2009

It was a great day to be at Beechwood -- sunny but not hot or humid. There were lots of cedar waxwings, chickadees and cardinals around to keep me company. The waxwings have been busy around the south end of the pond for a while now, and I keep trying to get a good picture of one. This morning's attempt was the best so far, but I'll keep trying. They're beautiful birds but to me they always look a little angry:

Walnuts! Growing on a walnut tree! I guess that's not so unexpected, but it's nice to see:

Normally sumac flower panicles grow upwards like this ...

... but I guess this one's trying for a different angle on things:

There was some serious bug activity going on. Here's another type of damselfly:

A beetle:

I noticed another ladybug pupa. Love that accordion look!

I found a tree covered with these awesome, shiny little beetles. I don't know what they are, but I'm calling them Hematite Beetles. (I Googled that just in case, but no.)

I don't think the tree finds them quite as awesome as I do:

Finally, my favourite bug of the day: I was near the pond when I saw a golden-orange fuzzball hovering above some Blackeyed Susans. Hummingbird moth! It hung in the air for quite a while, seemingly motionless, deciding which flower to land on.



I took a very short video of it:

Coolest. Bug. Evah!!

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Boud said...

The hummingbird clearwing moth is hugely exciting here, too. We see them now and then, and I try to plant stuff they like in the hope of seeing them.