Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Boy, go away for a few days and the kids have a party and trash the place. I started my work this morning by clearing away a lot of broken-off sumac branches, burned sticks from a "campfire," and assorted food-related garbage. I was a bit puzzled by the clumps of uprooted tansy -- did the partiers have a little stewardship session as well? Their choice of party food surprised me too:

Kids today. I left the remaining baby carrots for the local creatures and threw away the plastic bag. Here's a Beechwood bunny who might appreciate the treat:

Notice all the cottonwood fluff lining the path. Here's a closer look:

After I tidied up:

I guess the ants find the cow parsnip as interesting as I do:

It's so cute the way the daisies rush up to the fence and poke their noses through, hoping to be petted:

The blackeyed susans are just on the verge of opening:

They'll be spectacular soon. In the meantime I'm still enjoying the little roses:

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