Monday, June 15, 2009

It was a foggy, sunny morning. Here we see the dead tree on Marnie's Point, shrouded in mist:

Despite being dead, it works very hard supporting a ton of grapevine and frequent bird visitors.

There were two wood ducks on the pond. You can vaguely see the male here:

Let's try a close-up of that one:

Another snapping turtle appeared. This one had cleverly tried to camouflage itself with some vegetation, but nobody was fooled:

I think I like watching the people just as much as the turtle. The walkers and most of the cyclists stop to check it out; one cyclist this morning kept going, but said to me, "That's cool!" I'm torn about taking pictures of the poor turtle, wanting to get in for some close-ups but not wanting to stress it out too much.

A look at the turtle walking down the path:

I worked my way over to a section of the pond-edge I don't see much. The reeds here have really been eaten down:

These frogs cracked me up:

The longer you look at the pond, the more frogs you start to notice staring back at you.

I cut down some knotweed that was towering above my head, and was pleased to find one that had been chewed by ... something. I didn't find any bugs on it, but let's hope there are a lot of them around.

There's a nice little group of young oaks growing, if they can keep ahead of the knotweed:

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Cup Plant said...

It's so cool that you can see a male wood duck. We only ever saw a female and ducklings at Riverdale. I also love your video of the snapping turtle walk.