Thursday, June 18, 2009

The rain let up ... some ... and I decided to get in a trip to Beechwood while I could. This weather really puts the WET in wetland:

I pulled some tansy and watched the birds. There were clearly some young-uns in a tree and a parent or two flying back and forth with food -- SQUAWK CHEEP SCREECH FEED ME!!! -- but I couldn't get a good look at them. Possibly orioles but I can't say for sure. The yellow warbler took up her usual post near me and chirped for all she was worth; I saw her fly into a dogwood carrying a little green worm, and out a moment later without it, so I may have pinpointed her nesting spot, but I didn't pry. As I was leaving an egret flew north over the site but didn't stop.

The rain and wind had done some really interesting things with the vegetation:

There's a new bit of impromptu sculpture at Todmorden Mills. If you've lost this, um, thingy off your car, this is where it ended up:

Don Watcher has a post about snapping turtles today -- check it out!

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