Sunday, June 14, 2009

Here's my little cutie:

Definitely a yellow warbler, female. (A male would have light reddish streaks on his breast.) She hopped around in small trees nearby and chirped incessantly while I was working, and seemed very friendly and interested in what I was doing.

I also saw:
- my first rabbit of the year

- the flicker, in the bur oak this time

- a kingfisher being chased by a robin. Last week I saw one pursued by a blackbird. I've just checked a lot of online sources and found a couple that mention young birds as part of the kingfisher's diet, so I guess that's the problem here. If you think a kingfisher is noisy normally, wait until you hear one being chased by an angry parent.

- the dog vomit slime mold, which looks much as it did on day two, but a little smaller

- a pair of cedar waxwings at Todmorden Mills. They were struggling to claim a long string tied to a pole. One on top ...

... and one below ...

They had to stop for a rest:

(See that dog-strangling vine along the left side of the picture?)

After the waxwings flew away I untied the string and draped it over the fence in case they decide to try again.

For my associate, Cup Plant, here's a little group of her namesake plants:

The pretty pink grass is fading:

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