Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Got him! Here's an indigo bunting at Todmorden Mills, early in the morning. I think there were a couple of them, actually.

I'm not sure what this raccoon was digging out of the far riverbank -- snails, maybe? Grubs? Any other guesses? It would dig for a bit, then carry something quite small over to that log and eat it, then go back to digging a few inches further along the bank. I watched it do this repeatedly for several minutes. (Also not sure about the orange/grey blur on the left -- think I caught a robin flying by.)

One of the raccoon's partners in crime left some incriminating evidence beside the pond:

Here's a closer look at a wild geranium:

A purple-flowering raspberry gearing up to bloom:

Once again I managed to avoid being arrested, despite "harvesting" a lot of Japanese knotweed.

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