Friday, June 05, 2009

We're getting some lovely spring weather now, if a bit cool, and everything's looking fresh and green. The goldenrod and other plants are stretching up taller; soon there might be whole herds of deer cavorting at Beechwood and I'd never see them.

The cow parsnip is coming along nicely:

This flicker, a type of woodpecker, perched atop a dead tree for a while. You can see (if you squint a bit) its black collar and the red patch at the back of its head:

I see we haven't licked that viburnum leaf beetle problem yet. This is what they do to the leaves of a maple leaf viburnum:

Some kind of aster ... ?


Rosemary said...

I love the flowers in the last picture. It's pretty early in the year for asters though; maybe it's Erigeron pulchellus?

Marnie said...

You're probably right. I actually looked at lots of pictures of asters and fleabanes, including your suggestion, trying to find a match, but the pink colour was throwing me off. I think your guess is better than mine.

Whatever it is, it's welcome to stick around. I'll try to find it again and do a better job of investigating its distinguishing characteristics!