Sunday, August 16, 2009

I set out early to beat the heat, and admired the morning sun breaking through the mist:

When it's hot I just wander around stupidly, looking at things but not accomplishing much. I did notice some Japanese knotweed coming into flower; I think I'll make cutting it back my focus this week.

I spent some time gazing over the pond, which has come to life with little ... somethings ... breaking the surface:

The great blue heron was there too, but he flopped off as I approached. There's a tiny island in the pond:

Uh-oh, what's that in the middle?

Purple loosestrife. Perhaps it's time for me to buy a pair of rubber boots and wade over there.

I saw another one of these guys, identified by a friend as Japanese beetles and reported to be "Veryveryvery bad" (for damaging plants):

Doesn't this tree have interesting bark? I've decided it's an American sycamore (American plane-tree, buttonwood, buttonball-tree):

Here's its leaf:

More spiderweb effects:

Hard to see? Have a closer look at the twin webs:

Mandatory cup plant shot:


Allison said...

I was motivated by your work to go out and tackle the knotweed jungle in my backyard.

I pulled up the black plastic we had set down two years ago and raked the bare area level. I spread a mix of shade wildflowers and fescue grass seed around and watered.

The knotweed, undaunted by the black plastic, has shifted over and spread into a new area. I went in and yanked, pulled or snapped every stem I could find.

The area looks devastated. It's not pretty. But then again, war is never a pretty sight.

Marnie said...

Excellent work, soldier! Just keep cutting and yanking, and some day ...