Wednesday, August 05, 2009

We had another of our usual thunderstorms with heavy rain yesterday, but the sun returned today to dry up the puddles. I decided it was a good day to cut down some burdock and Japanese knotweed. But wait!

Somebody beat me to it. This stand of knotweed across the path has been cut down, probably by city workers. Or is there another guerrilla steward at large?

After pausing to admire some evening primrose ...

... I slaughtered a load of burdock and a bit more knotweed. I'm going to let things dry out for another day before I head over to Marnie's Point to cut the knotweed there, and to dig up the loosestrife that's trying to get established.

This helpful grapevine is doing its part to conquer the alien invaders:

A nice little fungus on an old log:

I finished by removing some of the ubiquitous tansy, then headed for home. Near the weir north of Pottery Road I ran into an old friend:

And what's that movement in the bushes? Ah yes, you never find just one deer:

It was good to see them again. I was beginning to wonder if I'd hurt their feelings. I wonder if these are the first two I saw in the spring? Hard to say, but they act the same: the big bold male with his smaller, timid sidekick.

Nomnomnom ...

Some video:

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