Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I sure hope y'all like cup plants.

I've been working on clearing a variety of the lesser pests around Beechwood: Queen Anne's Lace and a few thistles still, as well as armloads of crown vetch. Where did all that crown vetch come from?! Things sneak up on you if you're not watchful. I've also found a bit more purple loosestrife to deal with, and I see that the burdock I cut back earlier has re-sprouted great quantities of burrs. I'm planning a trimming day to deal with those and to tame some of the Japanese knotweed that's looming large.

The Canada anemone has formed seedheads too:

When I was clearing garlic mustard from Marnie's Point in the spring I kept finding what seemed to be tiny spruce trees. This one's coming along nicely:

Legend tells of a secret patch of Great Blue Lobelia hidden somewhere in the heart of the Beechwood wetland:

Joe Pye Weed (pink) and boneset (white) beside the pond:

Across the pond I saw a mama raccoon with three (or more?) little ones, dabbling in the water:

I've seen squashed snakes on the path before, but I think this is my first live snake sighting at Beechwood:

I have no quarrel with small, well-mannered, harmless snakes like this little garter snake. (The frogs may disagree about the "harmless" part.) I didn't expect to find one two feet off the ground in a dogwood, but what do I know?

Oh no, Mr. Bill!

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Donwatcher said...

What the raccoons are doing is foraging for food. That action with the paws stirs up the mud and if anything pops out, they eat it. Better for them to do that than eat garbage!