Monday, August 24, 2009

Normally I'm not the type to get excited over footwear, but I think these are pretty spiffy:

They allowed me to get over to the little islet (which I think I'll name the Islet of Langerhans) and clear out the purple loosestrife lurking there. The boots could stand to be a bit taller, but as long as I squelched fairly quickly and didn't linger in one spot, I was fine. I'll just confine my pond incursions to dry spells when the water level is lower.

(Boots made in Canada and bought at Canadian Tire.)

The loosestrife joined more knotweed on the pile:

Some other things I saw around the pond:

I can't quite figure out those tracks. The smaller ones look like raccoon prints, but there were a couple of really large, deep ones that puzzled me. I didn't see any others in the area. Perhaps a large creature swung down on a bungee cord, snatched a raccoon, and pushed off again. (It's really not hard to solve these little mysteries if you just think it through.)

Seed pods formed by a ... plant of some kind:

It was a day of strange fruit. First, on the bike path:

I can just hear the local ants: "This is fantastic! What is this?!" Then, in the pond, a nice example of Rondus wimbledonii:

Finally, a few more bugs to admire:

Don't get close to the pointy part on this one:

This is a beetle pretending to be a scary wasp:


Allison said...

I appreciate your photos. I was a photography buff years ago. What kind of camera are you using to capture the close-up detail of the insects?

Marnie said...

Thanks Allison. My camera is a Panasonic DMC-LZ7. It's not the fanciest camera in the world but it rides along in my pocket while I'm working and does okay with close-ups. Sometimes I envy the photographers who come by with their expensive cameras and lenses as long as your arm, but that just wouldn't be practical for me.

Allison said...

I have a seldom used Canon digital camera that I think can take decent photos. I just never bothered to get to know it. I've been using my phone camera to grab easy pics for my blog. Lately, I've been wanting to take good photographs again. I just might dig out that Canon manual...

Steve Smith said...

The beetle is a Locust Borer. Common.