Friday, August 07, 2009

I took advantage of another fine morning to remove purple loosestrife and soapwort, then returned to the everlasting tansy. There's no way I'll clear it all out, but I had one of those days where I look around and realize that things are in pretty good shape overall, so I'm happy.

Tansy in full bloom at one edge of the Beechwood site:

I saw some downy woodpeckers and a rabbit today, and the flock of cedar waxwings that's been busy around the pond lately was still swooping from perch to perch. I haven't had one run into me yet, but sometimes they come close.

Apples are ripening and I'm starting to see Vs of geese. Summer is fleeting!

There's spotted jewelweed growing elsewhere in the valley. Hm, I have a feeling that some seeds may accidentally fall into my pocket and end up at Beechwood.

The heap of ousted plants just sits there across the bike path from Beechwood, composting away. I hope it's not cooking up some kind of mutation in there, resulting in an unbeatable garlic mustard/tansy/thistle hybrid.

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