Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It rained this morning, but what an afternoon! I baked in the sun as I dealt with more knotweed and the odd Manitoba maple and tree of heaven. A swarm of tadpoles caught my eye:

Here's some white turtlehead:

One nice thing about being at Beechwood on a summer afternoon is the variety of dragonflies. This is a common whitetail:

A couple of blue ones:

Ooh, a red one!

On the way to Beechwood I found some goldfinches enjoying a patch of bull thistles:

The roses are turning themselves into rose hips:

Some plants put their energy into developing various burrs and stickers that attach themselves to me anywhere they can. This is how my gloves looked when I was finished today:

Can you stand looking at more bugs? I can't resist the goldenrod full of busy bees:

And one more spider:


Rosemary said...

I think your blue "dragonflies" might actually be damselflies. Damselflies are more slender than dragonflies and hold their wings folded up over their bodies rather than out at the sides when they're at rest. Here's a page with links to photos of some Ontario damselflies.

Marnie said...

Thanks Rosemary, I'm sure you're right.